On this page an overview of the network will be given. It includes IP adresses, hostnames and other information of the hosts in the collection. Where it is due some configuration information is given.

Note that the network map will only include the networked computers in the collection, also it includes hosts no longer in the collection for completeness sake. For a full current list please use the collection list.

Technology Overview

Operating Systems

The main interest is integrating different operating systems into a working environment that includes a dedicated fileserver, shared home directories, etc. pp. The operating systems used include:

Server Environment

Different systems in the network are configured as servers. The "stable" ones provide the following functions:

Aside from this some are configured as testbed for other services:

Host List

IP Hostname System iris [1] stargate Homebrew PC demon --- merlin Silicon Graphics Indigo Elan willow DEC 3000/300LX fizban Silicon Graphics Personal Iris 4D/25 thor IBM RS/6000 530H raistlin Silicon Graphics Crimson VGX zifnab Silicon Graphics Personal Iris 4D/25TG elayne Silicon Graphics Personal Iris 4D/20 alanna Silicon Graphics Personal Iris 4D/35S sauron Silicon Graphics PowerSeries 4D/240S nahema Silicon Graphics Personal Iris 4D/35G frodo Silicon Graphics Challenge S sam Silicon Graphics Indy R5000 aragorn Silicon Graphics Onyx RE2 boromir Silicon Graphics PowerSeries 4D/440VGX morgane Silicon Graphics Indigo Elan methusalem Silicon Graphics Professional Iris 4D/50G bilbo Silicon Graphics Indy R5000 drogo Silicon Graphics Personal Iris 4D/20 eowyn Silicon Graphics Octane pippin Silicon Graphics Indy apfel HP HP9000 720/50 merry Silicon Graphics Indy birne HP HP9000 710/50 sparky Sun Sparcstation IPX sonne Sun Sparcstation IPX orange HP HP9000 715/33 zeus IBM RS/6000 250 kiwi HP HP9000 715/50 - Silicon Graphics Personal Iris 4D/20 phoenix IBM 750-P75 mira Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 Extreme sol Sun 3/60 brokkoli DEC VAXstation 3100 M38 SPX kira Sun Sparcstation 10 sun Sun Sparcstation 4 dagobah Sun Sparcstation 4 endor Sun Sparcstation 20 paul DEC DECstation 5000/125 arwen Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 R10000 High Impact tattooine Sun Sparcstation 2 gimli Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 R8000 XZ gloin Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 XZ gandalf Silicon Graphics Onyx 2 faramir Silicon Graphics Crimson Elan durin Silicon Graphics O2 RM5200 bespin Sun Sparcstation 20 ansen Silicon Graphics Indy R5000 eomer Silicon Graphics Octane elrond Silicon Graphics Octane amys Silicon Graphics Personal Iris 4D/35G dantooine Sun Sparcstation IPC yavin Sun Sparcstation 1 Clone coruscant Sun Ultra 2 Enterprise melone HP HP9000 712/60 - DEC VAXstation 3100 M38 - DEC VAXstation 3100 M76 SPX tinyvax DEC VAXstation 4000 VLC aubergine DEC DECstation 5000/120 celeborn Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 R10000 High Impact zitrone HP 400t cirdan Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 Extreme - Silicon Graphics Octane corellia Sun Ultra 5 mango HP HP9000 C110 kashyyyk Sun Ultra 1 - Silicon Graphics PowerSeries 4D/340VGX - Silicon Graphics Indigo R3000 Entry nain Silicon Graphics O2 R5000 duros Sun Sparcstation 5 naboo Sun Sparcstation 20 - Silicon Graphics Challenge L stargate Homebrew PC compaq Compaq Deskpro XE 560 p75 IBM Personal Computer 750-P75 sigma Altec Pentium MMX wormhole Compaq Deskpro XL 590 foo Noname 386 core IBM Personal Computer 330-450DX2 hellraiser Siemens Nixdorf PCD-4T tux Noname K6-3/400 ghost Noname Duron 800
DHCP DHCP Noname Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
DHCP DHCP Noname Core2 Quad 2.5 GHz

[1] iris / is a role based address/hostname assigned to the computer that is currently the main server on the network. In the Frankfurt home network the computer is the O2 which otherwise would be durin / In the secondary collection space it is an Indy (either bilbo or sam, currently not sure which).

The Silicon Graphics collection is presented on the sgistuff website in the collection section. Because of that there is no detail information on these systems on this personal website.